Zoho Services

Wanting to get started with using Zoho? Or looking to elevate an existing account to the next level? Whatever your situation, we
can help. FWRD delivers a full-service solution set to transform your software usage experience. Our team scope, plan, migrate, implement, integrate, test and train, offering support throughout the project and beyond. Consider FWRD a one-stop transformational shop on standby to overhaul and refine your entire business operations.

Zoho Software

Zoho is a comprehensive suite of 50+ business centric software applications built around their core CRM solution. FWRD excels at establishing the unique requirements of your business and tailoring the Zoho system to match. Every software implementation is unique to its business case, requiring knowledge, experience, and creativity from your Zoho consulting partner. We’ll configure, customise, develop and automate to ensure your business utilises the software to its maximum potential.

Zoho Software

Zoho Partner

FWRD are proud partners of Zoho and have worked exclusively with the platform for ten years. We chose to specialise in Zoho software due to their forward thinking approach, wide range of applications, customisation capabilities, competitive price point and integration options. We work closely with the Zoho Support team to expedite customer queries, feature requests and bug reports. As your Zoho Partner our goal is to make the process of implementing and using Zoho joyous!

Zoho Partner

Zoho Integrations

Whilst FWRD recommends migrating to Zoho applications to
reduce costs and centralise your software portfolio, we also specialise in integrating 3rd party software into Zoho.
Whether an industry specific solution or a preferred application,
we’ll seamlessly connect them with Zoho with the goal to
streamline operations
and eliminate data duplication. We have
a range of different integration options up our sleeve so you can be confident we can make it happen.


Zoho Data Migration

We understand that data migration is a necessary evil in transitioning to any new platform. Our job is to make it as efficient
as possible to protect your legacy data. We will only migrate the data that will serve you as you move forward into this exciting new phase for your business. We’ve learnt from experience that the
key to success
is in the prep work. Once we’ve nailed that, the rest
is easy. Click to learn more about the approach we take to ensure a seamless transition.

Data Migration

Reports & Dashboards

Data is valueless without reports and dashboards that help you interpret it then make strategic decisions based on the numbers. FWRD can advise you on the types of data you should be reporting on and implement custom dashboards based on insightful reports to help you bring that data to life. Whether it’s data from Zoho apps or external applications, we can consolidate it into cross-platform reports to help you easily identify data trends and potential problem areas across your entire business operations.

computer monitor showing reports and dashboards

Zoho Support

Done correctly, the software your business relies on is an integral part of your business success. As such it should be maintained and regularly enhanced to reflect the value it represents to your organisation. This requires ongoing support from a team that is both detail orientated and creative in its approach to development and support. We believe this is what sets us apart from the rest. No lock in contracts, just great, responsive service with a serious commitment to problem solving.

a call center employee giving advice and support to a client

Zoho Training

FWRD takes a personalised approach to training and utilises a range of delivery mediums to ensure your team are confident in using the software to its fullest capabilities. We aim to future-proof your training needs with custom screencast videos and user guides. Documenting the set of processes unique to your business creates invaluable support tools and IP, benefiting your current and future workforce.

graduation cap and purple screen on a laptop highlighting zoho training and learning

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