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About FWRD

FWRD is a boutique CRM strategy and implementation consultancy with a presence in Perth (Western Australia) Leeds & Edinburgh (UK). We are passionate about assisting business owners across a variety of sectors to build organised, scaleable and ultimately saleable businesses through the implementation of smart, cloud-based software.

We are proud to be named as a Zoho Advanced Solutions Partner – one of only a select few worldwide – that specialises in implementing, customising and integrating Zoho’s suite of 50+ software applications. We work exclusively with Zoho technology to ensure we maintain our expertise across a rapidly growing suite of world-leading applications.

We have proven experience in working with a wide range of businesses across the B2B and B2C sectors regardless of their size, level of experience or technical ability. We support a global client base with happy customers based in Australia, the UK and the US.

Why We Exist

Our mission is to help business owners achieve their growth potential whilst streamlining and organising their business for maximum productivity.

FWRD has a proven record in helping business owners yield profits by systematically improving their organisational systems and processes. We know the world of SMB’s (small-medium sized business) and understand how easy it is to become overstretched and overworked.

We differentiate ourselves through our ability to deeply understand the challenges of the businesses we work with. Our clients trust our expertise and ability to address these needs and help them to extract profit from their database.

We chose to partner with Zoho as our preferred service provider precisely because its CRM system is affordable, customisable and because it achieves results.

FWRD & Zoho

As partners of Zoho for more than seven years, FWRD have a close working relationship with the Zoho team. We have spent time at the head office in Chennai (India) meeting with the teams and developing relationships with the people that build and support the products.

This relationship allows us to have some influence on the direction of the developmental road map. In addition to our daily communication with key members of the support teams, we regularly meet with the product development teams to review new and existing applications.

We use our experience of working with a wide range of businesses along with direct feedback from our customers to explain how each of the Zoho products could be adapted or extended to meet the operational requirements of the real world business community.

The benefit for our customers is that it eliminates the need for them to seek help through the general Zoho support channels. This is not only a huge time saver but it ensures we get their query or request to the right person formatted in the right way in the quickest possible timeframe.

Meet The Team

The FWRD team helps small business owners and start-ups in a wide variety of sectors build organised, scaleable and saleable businesses using smart CRM software.

Frances Blackie

Head Honcho

From her roots in the UK, Frances earned a degree in International Marketing. Fashion design, retail and real estate are just a few of the sectors she worked in while honing her sales and marketing skills, using and customising a variety of software programmes to manage company data.

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After travelling to Australia with Jason and settling in Perth, Frances secured a position with a property styling company, managing a database of over 2000 real estate agents across the city. To assist her in this role, she researched CRM software and discovered Zoho. Implementing this system saw a huge improvement in how the company managed the sales pipeline, converted sales and generated referrals.

Several small businesses in the vicinity witnessed the impact. They too wanted to implement a CRM system but didn’t know where to start. Frances, with a wealth of experience in implementing customised systems by this time, saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it – hence, the launch of FWRD.

For the past four years, Frances has also been engaged as a business advisor and speaker for two of WA’s leading government funded Not for Profit agencies. She has also written and delivered CRM and Digital Marketing training programmes to thousands of small business owners across the Perth Metro.

Jason Blackie

Top Techie

Previous to starting FWRD with Frances, Jason worked in the business finance sector for 14 years, both in the UK & Australia. Shortly after arriving in Australia, he was employed by a diamond drilling company as its Manager. Jason was responsible for management of the company’s customer relationships, sales, supply chain & database.

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While there, Jason was instrumental in improving and growing the WA database by implementing a Zoho CRM system.
Jason was also employed by one of the country’s biggest banks as an Accounts Analyst. Key aspects of the post included,

  • Analysing the financial viability of organisations prior to having finance approved
  • Analysing turnover, profit, assets, credit history, etc.
  • Managing customer accounts and customer service
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Assisting in complex system testing for new underwriting platform

Jason’s experience in business account analysis and customer relationship management has meant a seamless change in his career path to managing operations at FWRD. His breadth of knowledge and technical know-how allows him to assess clients’ requirements quickly and advise them accordingly when customising their Zoho CRM systems.

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