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Zoho CRM implementation by FWRD Rewarding Databases

”Josephine will happily admit she is not IT literate and was struggling to cope with getting her head around using multiple spreadsheets for every function in the business, which in turn was taking up a lot of her time. When she heard about Zoho she knew it was the ‘easy way’ to do it. Learn how FWRD were able take away the stresses of Josephines daily tasks.

Josephine Franco is Editor & Membership Chair and part of a 5 person committee for The Australian Rugmakers Guild. They are a national craft group with members from all over Australia.

” I cant believe that anybody wouldnt want to do it. It just simplifies everything so much and its all right there for you to access from wherever you are. I just think its amazing and I cant imagine a small business not wanting to do it.” Josephine Franco – Australian Rugmakers Guild.


Josephine Franco – Rughookers / 0428 667 729


Case Study Transcription:


Q – Tell us about your business.

The organisation is the Australian rug makers guild, where a national craft group and we have members around the country and my position with that group is editor and membership chair.

Q – Who is your team?

There’s five committee members. We’re each in a different state, so we are unable to get together for meetings, so we have our meetings on Skype.

Q – What issues were you facing in your business?

It was cumbersome because it needed a lot a spreadsheets. There were spreadsheets for all the various functions and then it just seemed to be a lot of work transposing all those names and numbers and … When I heard about Zoho, it seemed like the easy way to do it.

Q – What has stopped you from doing this before?

What kept me from implementing this system in the past, was that I’m basically not very IT literate I guess. I can do emails and that was about my soul level of activity online so to speak.

Q – Why did you choose Zoho CRM?

I decided to go with Zoho because it seemed simple to implement. I wasn’t sure I could handle it, but the fact that I could go month to month was a big selling point because I thought I could at least give it a try and I wasn’t committed to a full contract.

Q – Why did you choose to work with FWRD?

I selected Frances as my CRM advisor because I was at a workshop she gave and I was just amazed at her experience and the fact that she was approachable. I could come back and call her up and she was most helpful, so it’s been a God send for me to have Frances as a mentor.

Q – What was your experience of the process?

It was easy for me to go through the process of implementing this. It seemed a little daunting, but with Francis’ help, I got started and I just seemed to be able to manage quite well there.

Q – What would you say to someone who is still on the fence?

I can’t believe that anyone wouldn’t want to do it. It just simplifies everything so much and it’s all right there and you can access it from wherever you are from your telephone or somebody else’s computer. I just think it’s amazing and I can’t imagine a small business not wanting to do it.


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