“What stood out to us was the ease with which FWRD understood our requirements. The team are always on hand to provide training, answers to questions, and modifications as and when we need it.”


Tony Rutter – Secure Power Solutions

tony.rutter@securepower.com.au  / 08 6201 4634


Case Study Transcription:


Q – Tell us about your business

Secure Power Solutions are a service company delivering backup power solutions to a range of businesses. We have technicians all over Western Australia, who carry out routine services as well as being on hand when a customer’s equipment breaks down and needs to be repaired.

Q – Who is your team?

We have a team of five based here in Wangara. Myself, Chris, and Dee man the office most of the time and then John and Mikele are out on the road visiting customers on a daily basis.

Q – What prompted your CRM implementation?

We identified that the business had reached a critical size. It was no longer viable for all the sales and customer information to live with only one person. Trying to manage excel spreadsheets as a CRM became too much of a monster so we identified that it was early enough in our business growth journey to go ahead and implement a CRM system.

Q – What data management issues were you facing?

The biggest problem was data sharing, the inability for everybody to know everything that was going on in the organisation and easily access information about our various customers. One of our technicians would ask for some work to be done that the sales guy was already involved with, but there was no way of anybody knowing exactly what was going on outside of our regular monthly catch-up meetings. So, it was important that we have something that everybody could access and see the status of all customers and projects at any one time.

Q – What had stopped you from doing this before?

Basically, we didn’t think that we needed a system in the past, we thought that we were small enough that we could get away with an excel spreadsheet for our contact details. We realised earlier this year that it had become unmanageable and we were missing out on opportunities to communicate between the team members exactly was going on with some of our key accounts.

Q – How has ZOHO addressed your data sharing issues?

For us, it gives the ease of communicating between the office and the field, whether you are the sales guy sat in the car park just about to go in and see a client, or whether you’re the technician out in the field, wondering why your site contact hasn’t seen a copy of the proposal you have asked for three times already. It’s a great opportunity for us to provide that communication link between the whole team.

Q – What was the surprise bonus for you?

It’s the integration between ZOHO and Outlook which ensures we only have to put the information in one place and it will populate your calendar. Or you send a client related email from Outlook and it appears in ZOHO, enabling another members of the team to pick up where you left off when the next time that customer calls through to the office.

Q – What was your experience of the process?

It was very clear to us that you put rubbish into a system and you can expect to get rubbish out, so we put a lot of effort into cleaning up our customer database before we went live. But the fantastic thing we’ve discovered since we started using the system was we can change the names of fields and move things around on the screen so easily ourselves. It’s also been invaluable to us having that local support to be able to provide training, answers to questions, and modifications as and when we need it.

Q – Would you recommend FWRD to a friend?

Absolutely! We looked at several packages before we chose ZOHO and before we chose FWRD as the team to help us through the implementation process. What stood out to us was the ease with which they understood our requirements. It’s also hugely beneficial to have somebody from the FWRD team just drop into the office with the bribe of a cup of coffee to come and solve our problems.

Q – What would you say to someone who is still on the fence?

Jump off that fence! Do it, get your databased cleaned up. It’s very, very important to get your data clean. You don’t have to be a hundred percent fixed on your processes; you’ll find that you develop your processes as you go through the implementation. Two or three months down the line you might tweak your processes to fit how ZOHO works or you can tweak ZOHO to fit your processes, it’s completely flexible. So, jump off the fence, do it and I promise you’ll reap the benefits.

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