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You can get what you want if you help people get what they want
– Zig Ziglar

Thank you for taking the time to review this page. The following video has been recorded to share our views on the importance of referral partnerships and demonstrate how we feel we can support your business as part of a mutually beneficial strategic partnership.

What Can We Do For You?

Below is a list of ways we feel we are able to support your business and generate opportunities for it. We can also play a role in helping to maximise your brand exposure and increase your marketing reach.

✔ Refer potential new clients

✔ Support your social media efforts

✔ Connect you to referral partners

✔ Subscribe to your blog/newsletter

✔ Promote you on FWRD's website

✔ Promote your events/workshops

✔ Invite you to business events of interest

✔ Be a supportive friend in business

If you are interested in becoming a referral partner of FWRD read on. We’ve put some structure around this process to ensure we have a full understanding of how we can support and refer your business.

To become involved, please click the link below and complete the online questionnaire. You’ll need to set aside a few minutes to complete the survey, but the more we understand about your business the easier it will be for us to seek out your ideal customers and referral partners.

Submit Your Details

Who is FWRD?

Meet The Team

The FWRD team helps small business owners and start-ups in a wide variety of sectors build organised, scaleable and saleable businesses using smart CRM software.

Francis Blackie, Director

Frances Blackie

Head Honcho

From her roots in Yorkshire, Frances earned a degree in International Marketing. Fashion Design, Retail and Real Estate are just a few of the sectors she worked in while honing her sales and marketing skills, using and customising a variety of software programmes to effectively manage company data.

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After travelling to Australia with Jason and settling in Perth, Frances secured a position with a property styling company, managing a database of over 2000 real estate agents across the city. To assist her in this role, she researched CRM software available for small businesses and discovered Zoho. Implementing this system saw a huge improvement in how the company managed the sales pipeline, converted sales and generated referrals.

Several small businesses in the vicinity witnessed the impact. They too wanted to implement a CRM system but didn’t know where to start. Frances, with a wealth of experience in implementing customised systems by this time, saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it – hence, the launch of FWRD five years ago.

For the past four years, Frances has also been engaged as a business advisor and speaker for two of WA’s leading government funded Not for Profit agencies. She has also written and delivered CRM and Digital Marketing training programmes to thousands of small business owners across the Perth Metro.


Jason Blackie

Top Techie

Previous to joining FWRD, Jason worked in the business finance sector for 14 years, both in the UK & Australia. Shortly after arriving in Australia, Jason took on a management role in the mining sector and was responsible for management of the company’s customer relationships, sales, supply chain & database.

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While there, Jason was instrumental in improving and growing the WA database by implementing a Zoho CRM system.
Jason was also employed by one of the country’s biggest banks as an Accounts Analyst. Key aspects of the post included,

  • Analysing the financial viability of organisations prior to having finance approved
  • Analysing turnover, profit, assets, credit history, etc.
  • Managing customer accounts and customer service
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Assisting in complex system testing for new underwriting platform

Jason’s experience in business account analysis and customer relationship management has meant a seamless change in his career path to managing operations at FWRD. His breadth of knowledge and technical know-how allows him to assess clients’ requirements quickly and advise them accordingly when customising their Zoho CRM systems.

Our Ideal Clients

Zoho CRM can be customised to reflect and support almost any business regardless of which industry they operate in. We enjoy the challenge of working with a wide variety businesses, it keeps life interesting! The following is a profile of our IDEAL target market.


Business Size – Small-medium sized businesses and start-ups. If they employ designated sales agents, this always helps.

Sectors – We’ve worked with small businesses in a huge variety of industries across the B2B & B2C sectors, however our sweet spot is working with Business 2 Business service providers.

Location – FWRD has a presence in Perth (Western Australia) and The Hague (Netherlands) but we can easily work with customers anywhere in the world as the service is cloud-based, we can operate 100% remotely.

Database – Our target market falls into one of 3 camps when it comes to their database; a) they don’t have one yet b) have one but not profiting from it c) profiting from it but want to grow their business and increase their earning potential.

Existing Software Typically our clients are also using a number of other cloud based software apps and require a CRM system that integrates seamlessly with them all. We support users of Google Apps, Outlook, Microsoft 365, Xero, MYOB, Sage, WorkflowMax, Calendly, Linkedin and Mailchimp to name a few.


Referral Indicators

The following is a list of the most common issues our potential prospects are likely encountering in their business which leads them to consider the immediate need for implementing a CRM system.



✔ Lack of Time

✔ Daily Email Management

✔ Lack of Sales

✔ Managing Social Media

✔ Lack of Organisation

✔ Email Marketing Strategy

✔ Managing Leads & Prospects

✔ Setting & Managing KPI's

✔ Managing & Analysing Database

✔ Access Business Files Remotely

✔ Dealing With Web Enquiries

✔ Data Duplication Across Platforms

✔ Streamlining Business Processes

✔ Connecting the Software Dots

✔ Ability to Operate Remotely

✔ Manage Daily Tasks, Calls & Events

To see more information about our CRM set-up services including a breakdown of the pricing information, follow THIS LINK.

Opening Questions

Below are a couple of suggested questions that could open up a conversation about your clients’ CRM requirements;


  1. How are you managing your client database?
  2. How are you tracking your sales opportunities?
  3. Are you measuring the returns on your marketing efforts?
  4. Do you have plans to grow or sell your business in the future?


Our Ideal Referral Partners


IT Professional
Social Media Manager
Website Developer
Marketing Professional
Virtual Assistant
HR Consultant
Business Coach
Business Broker
Sales Coach
B2B Service Providers


Is there anyone in your existing network that you think would be a good fit for us as a strategic partner? We are looking to connect with any businesses where you can see some potential synergies between our services or our target markets. If you were to pass on any names to us, we would reach out to them on Linkedin and explain that you thought there would be some value in us connecting.





We see this partnership as potentially being a huge value-add for our clients. Every small business owner is looking for referrals for services they require and are always grateful for a personal recommendation. We love giving referrals and will hunt them out for you whenever we can.


You can now consider us your personal business matchmakers…