Google Apps Integration for Zoho CRM

The Google Apps integration for Zoho CRM was designed to make life simpler for the typical small business operator, and as far as we’re concerned, its certainly achieved this objective!

Google have made their three main apps, Mail, Calendar and Drive, so accessible for their business users, it makes perfect sense to seamlessly integrate them with an elite CRM system such as Zoho. The Google Apps integration is a simple inspiration that utilises two-way synchronisation between the programs. It will save you time by avoiding data duplication and automate those otherwise menial administrative tasks to literally free up your calendar for billable activities.

Google Mail and Zoho CRM

The Zoho CRM integration for Gmail accumulates all communication between your team and your business contacts via a two-way synchronisation of information. Incoming and outgoing emails are pulled from the Gmail server and automatically associated with the relevant lead and contact CRM record, regardless of whether they were sent or received from Zoho, Gmail or your mobile device. This ensures a complete, real-time record of correspondence across all platforms.

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This automatic synchronisation of email communication means information in each client’s file is always up to date and easily accessible by the whole team from all syncing devices (privacy settings available if restricted access required). As business owner, this functionality brings with it the peace of mind that you are protecting your organisations intellectual property.

If a member of staff is sick or away on holiday, your team can simply pick-up where they left off, no down-time and more importantly no negative impact on customer service. If an employee decides to leave the company, you no longer need to fear that they will leave with all the IP they have acquired about your customer base in their head. This uninterrupted channel of information means your customer service, client satisfaction and overall productivity remains as first-class as your business.

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Google Calendar and Zoho CRM

The Google Apps integration for Google Calendar allows a flawless intercommunication of your weekly meetings without the need for doubling up on data entry. Keep track of your team with the automated synchronisation of events between the two programs and never again forget where you need to be and when.

Each and every meeting that takes place between your team and your prospects/clients will be automatically logged under their digital file, providing you a complete history of engagement. Avoid double booking yourself by also using the integration to connect your business and personal calendars, eliminating the need to cross-reference or manually update separate programs.
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Google Drive and Zoho CRM

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service created by Google. It allows users to store files in the cloud, synchronize them across all your devices, and share those files with your network. Zoho CRM is designed to work in conjunction with Google Drive, not replace it, and this integration makes that possible.

The seamless connector means that any company documents relating to your database can be easily referenced from with your CRM system or attached from the Drive to the relevant contact records. As an example, any documents that a client manually fills out can be quickly uploaded to Google Drive then easily associated with your CRM records.
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Outlook Integration for Zoho CRM

Let’s not beat around the bush, Zoho provide a free email management platform as part of their service offering, and so we do of course encourage our clients to utilise it for ease and efficiency. However, we’re here to help you optimise the way you choose to do business, so should your wish be to continue to utilise the Outlook software across your organisation, it is our command to make that happen.
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Plug-in Interface

The Zoho CRM Plug-in for MS Outlook is a productivity-enhancement extension that allows the synchronisation of your contacts, calendar appointments, tasks and emails between your Outlook account and your CRM account.

The Outlook integration is a great option for businesses using a variety of email server set ups (see compatible programs below) as it allows the continued use of the familiar Outlook interface while still syncing your email communication with your Zoho CRM account.

Benefits of Integration

If retaining your Outlook hosting software is the decision you’ve made for your business, using the Outlook integration plug-in with Zoho CRM can still serve a powerful purpose.

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The ability to associate your Outlook calendar appointments and email threads with their related contact record in Zoho CRM ensures your client’s communication record is kept automatically up-to-date, for easy, accessible reference. In itself, this eradication of double-data entry can improve existing workflow and allows for the sharing of information across the team in an efficient, time-conscious manner.

Programs and Systems Supported

  • Integration available for both Mac and PC users
  • IMAP configuration supported (Includes MS 365)
  • Supports Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
  • Supports Mac OS 2011 to 2016.

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Mailchimp Integration for Zoho CRM

We understand that Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms used by the small business community, so we’ve partnered with cloud based company Kloud Connectors who have developed a simple extension to integrate Mailchimp with Zoho CRM.

As this is a third party app rather than a direct integration, there is an additional, though very reasonable, cost of $14US per month to use the connecting software. (To bypass this fee, take a look at Zoho Campaigns, Zoho’s equivalent of Mailchimp!)

Seperately Mailchimp and Zoho CRM are both powerful tools for creating templates, storing information and analysing data, but used together, they empower small businesses to deliver more precise marketing and make smarter business decisions. Connect with your target audience by sending quality targeted campaigns instead of high quantity catch-all mail-outs. Never again will a prospect be missed off your newsletter, or worse be spammed if they’ve opted out.

Utilising Mailchimps array of eye-catching templates, clever auto-responders and detailed analytics already puts you ahead of the game. But why stop there? With the Zoho CRM integration, your prospects level of engagement with each of your campaigns will be fed back into their individual contact record, providing you with a clearer picture of who they are and what they want.

Features of Integration

With the Mailchimp integration for Zoho CRM, you can enjoy the freedom of having your leads, contacts and campaign lists synchronised twice daily, not just one way, but 2-way synchronisation.

  • Sync Mailchimp subscribers to Zoho CRM
  • Sync an unlimited number of CRM records
  • Unlimited number of campaign syncs
  • Cross mapping of CRM leads and contacts with Mailchimp lists fields
  • Cross referencing and syncing of Mailchimp Campaign Statistics to Zoho Campaigns for those businesses considering switching
  • Set up once and the program will update automatically every day
  • Ability to sync at any time on top of the automated 12 hourly updates

With a Mailchimp integration for Zoho CRM you are able to further hone your marketing campaigns, segmenting prospects and customers more specifically (or broadly if you wish!) than ever before based on the wide range of extra information you have stored and analysed in your CRM system.

So what are you waiting for? Optimise your email marketing system to maximise your sale closes with the Mailchimp integration for Zoho CRM today!
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XERO Integration with Zoho CRM

XERO is by far the most common accounting software package we see our clients using. Like most everyday small business programs, such as Google Apps or Mailchimp, there is a XERO integration for Zoho CRM that maximises the information in your client’s file, and optimises the way you do business.

Together, Zoho CRM and XERO complete the ‘lifecycle’ of your clients. Zoho CRM re-engineers your client profiles by storing, managing and analysing data as your clients move through their marketing and sales journey. (For more information on Marketing and CRM for Sales, check out the desired link). XERO on the other hand, tells the tale of how your clients affect your business success – with their invoices!

By utilising the XERO integration with your Zoho CRM account, this next chapter of your client’s story can be added to their history to generate a full novel of who they are and where they fit in the financial side of your business life.
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How It Works & Features of Integration

The third party add-on that allows XERO to integrate with Zoho CRM does so through a modulated system. An accounts module represents the business entity as a whole and connects to a contact module plus an invoice module. This three-tiered web of automated information minimises the need for menial administrative duties and maximises your bookkeeper’s time to get on with the job.

  • Streamlining of accounting processes by a two-way push-pull of information across the softwares.
  • Quotes can be managed within Zoho CRM and automatic follow-ups can be scheduled
  • Once a quote has been updated to an invoice, the CRM will replicate that invoice in XERO
  • Zoho creates its own unique code for each new invoice created and then the integration associates it with their XERO reference code.
  • Any products, invoices or services linked to either code will be automatically updated in the opposing system without the need for multiple data entries.
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  • Automatic updates of invoice status will be synced from XERO to Zoho CRM
  • Having the full lifecycle of clients retrievable between platforms means it is easier to monitor clients and more efficient from a bookkeeping perspective, with all relevant information easily accessible through the use of product codes from either platform.
  • Option to sync on command or automatically every 12 hours
  • Automatic creation of contact record in XERO from the contact information in Zoho should one not exist for new customers.
  • This is essentially performing administrative duties in the background of the software through the accounts and contacts modules

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MYOB Integration with Zoho CRM

The MYOB integration for Zoho CRM is a third party extension made specifically for AccountRight. With both these platforms being cloud based softwares, the integration gives a seamless collaboration of information making accounting easier and more efficient from both business and bookkeeping perspectives.

Accounting and CRM are certainly different areas, so clients often ask us what the benefit would be in a MYOB integration. We like to explain it by thinking of each client as being on a journey, or having their own story. This story may have started as a referral and as they’ve travelled through the marketing pipeline, pre-sales, they were then likely given a proposal or sales quote of which they accepted to become a billable customer. This story is all held in Zoho CRM.

The next chapter in your client’s journey is that as a billable customer – paying monthly/quarterly or ad-hoc invoices for one-off or ongoing products and services. These documents are stored in MYOB.

It is now easier to see that the culmination of these programs, through the MYOB integration with Zoho CRM, gives the complete picture of each client’s journey. Having all the information relating to each client stored together by an automatic, two way synchronisation saves time on administrative duties and optimises the possibilities of your working day.

How It Works & Features of Integration

Forget manual data transfers! Let the MYOB integration do the work for you with automatic synchronisation between both programs including:

  • Automatic synchronisation or addition of contacts from one program to the next when created or updated
  • Automatic synchronisation or addition of products from MYOB AccountRight to Zoho CRM and vice versa
  • Automatic creation of sales invoice and contact in MYOB AccountRight once a sales invoice is created in Zoho CRM
  • Automatic creation of a new customer in MYOB AccountRight when a sales invoice is created in Zoho CRM
  • No set-up fees or contracts – get started with a free trial and then an affordable $49 AUD p/month to continue the integration

Why waste time doubling up on data entry and painstaking, accounting administration? With the MYOB integration for Zoho CRM, these separate softwares become one portal of client information. So get in touch with us now and start telling the full story of each client through their sales and marketing journey and into the present time as your billable customer!
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Dropbox Integration with Zoho CRM

The Dropbox integration with Zoho CRM is a brand new, recently released feature from the Zoho team, allowing full communication between the two programs and minimising ‘digital’ double handling of documents.

Eliminating the need for cross referencing, duplicating data entry and doubling document uploads, the Zoho Projects Dropbox integration does away with those time consuming tasks by literally doing them for you! On top of this, the integration is designed to ease the work of your team – turn any folder into a workspace and share the information with anyone, at any time.

The best part is, this integration was made by the Zoho founders, so there’s no need for a third party extension or a monthly add-on fee. Simply download the app, connect the two programs and away you go!

How It Works & Features of Integration

Business life can be tough enough already – why make it harder? The simple Dropbox integration is just another way Zoho CRM aims to optimise your working day, maximise your staff’s potential and free up time for those tasks that will actually generate revenue. It does so with the following features:

  • Improve the communication between your staff with instant uploads and shares between everyone working on a project then automatic sync any edits between Zoho CRM and Dropbox
  • Change any folders within the Dropbox program to a shared project workspace enabling automatic editing, reviewing and uploading by those team members with access
  • Automatic syncing of files between Zoho CRM and Dropbox to ensure all files are up to date, all the time
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  • Unlimited saved file transfers from Dropbox into Zoho CRM
  • Eliminates ‘digital double handling’ and the need for two programs to be open at the same time
  • Easy, efficient access in the office and on the go from any device, at any time due to the cloud-based nature of the systems
  • Automatic syncing of contact records from Zoho CRM to Dropbox – if there is not a client file within Dropbox one will automatically be created
  • Allows multiple team members to access, edit and upload documents to the Dropbox file without the need for later duplication to CRM through automatic syncing
  • Easy access for PC and Mac, iPhones and Androids
  • *This feature is currently available to Enterprise users only

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