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Sue’s business was at a critical point where they needed to integrate a CRM system that was able to cope with the growth the business was experiencing. Watch and see how after integrating Zoho CRM Sue can now take the company to the next level.

Sue Daley is the owner of Intu Property Transformations. The company renovates properties on behalf of owners to give them a stress free property transformation.

“’We chose Zoho over any other system due to its ability to allow us to access various other applications such as Projects, Gantt charts and Emails direct from the CRM itself.” Sue Daley – Intu Property Transformations.


Sue Daley – Intu Property Transformations / 0412 934 556


Case Study Transcription:


Q – Tell us about your business

My name is Sue Daley, my business is Intu Property Transformations and our core service is renovating properties on behalf of owners to give them a stress-free property transformation.

Q – What prompted your CRM implementation?

It was more a case of having an actual system in place. So being able to go, “Right, here’s the contact,” and having everything linked up. At the moment, or pre-Zoho, I’ve got a contacts list, I’ve got a calendar, I’ve got my spreadsheet, I’ve got my Gantt chart and nothing was connected so I had to keep going and finding all those. So with Zoho, I’m looking forward to the fact that I’ve got it all under one hat.

Q – What has stopped you from doing this before?

Lack of knowledge and probably the clientele or the amount of work wasn’t generating enough. And we’ve just grown to the point now where it’s more a necessity rather than just a want it.  

Q – Why did you choose ZOHO CRM?

We set ourselves a path of growth last year. Up until then we just went what we had previously but as we went through the months last year, we realized what we had didn’t really fit what we needed.

Q – What was your experience of the process?

User-friendly. Very simple to navigate through. The biggest issue for me is now getting my head around the fact that I can do everything from one spot. But it does actually help you and there’s plenty of notes there and plenty of help to actually get me through, even if I get a bit curious. But most of it is actually really simple and easy to follow through on. So plenty of knowledge.

Q – Can you see how Zoho will help you to grow your business?

Definitely. Because if I can actually get into a better system then I can grow as well. So at the moment I’m mostly not growing because I haven’t got the systems in place. So with Zoho, once I’ve got that system all set up the way it needs to be, we can do more with it. So for sure.

Q – What was the surprise bonus for you?

The fact that I can take all those little apps off my phone and just click on Zoho and do my phoning through that, do my texting through that, do my emails through that. So I literally have one app on my phone. I don’t need anything else.

Q – Why did you choose to work with FWRD?

You came highly recommended. Not just through the District 32 group but Wendy Flack, who’s a good associate of mine, and other people I spoke to. And they said, “Oh, have you spoken to Frances?” So it was you. You came highly recommended.

Q – What has been your experience of working with FWRD?

Oh, did we do work? It was easy. So, very simple. And you’re very knowledgeable which made it a lot easier, too.

Q – What would you say to someone who is still on the fence?

The cost of Zoho isn’t that much. So I think it’s worthit even if you’re not sure. Give it a go for 12 months. Yeah. I mean it doesn’t take all that much and if after 12 months you think it’s not going to happen, it’s easy to change. But for the cost of it, I’d say give it a go for 12 months.


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