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Make Sure Your Marketing Is Performing With Zoho CRM



To understand which of your marketing activities are working for you and providing the best return on your investment of time and money, it’s a simple 2 step process in Zoho CRM.

Step 1 is to update the Lead Source field in your contact record.

The list can be pre-populated with all the frequent marketing activities your company is involved in, all you need to do is select the relevant one.

This simple action will populate a report from which you can generate a visually insightful chart in your dashboard breaking down your leads by their source.

Step 2 is to pin-point the specific event, partner or webform that generated your sales opportunities.

If the lead came via a referral, simply enter the name of the referral partner and the results will be populated into a dashboard for your easy reference.

To track the success of your events whether they are networking events, trade shows or workshops. We create a custom field in Zoho CRM called events and populate it with the specific name of the event we met the prospect at. This information will then get populated into a simple report to enable you to measure which events are providing the best return on your investment.

If you are generating leads online using webforms embedded into your website, sales pages, lead magnets or social media, once you’ve received the opt-in, you’re then presented with a whole new problem. How do you get those leads into your database and follow-up with them in a timely fashion, whilst reducing your admin burden?

Zoho makes this process super simple, so that even the least tech savvy business owners can achieve it. We simply create the web form inside Zoho CRM and indicate which information we want to ask for during the opt-in. This then gets embedded into the landing page containing your lead magnet to capture the basic contact details, and Zoho takes care of everything else. In fact, you can even trigger an automated workflow once a web form has been completed.

The workflow can include a number of different steps in a predetermined sequence to ensure you capitalize on all sales opportunities that are generated online.

For example, once the prospect has been recorded as a lead in the database, the workflow could automatically update certain fields in the lead record for instance the Lead source.

You could then set it to trigger an immediate autoresponder to the enquirer providing access to the lead magnet they have opted-in to receive. Next you need to take care of the follow-up process. One option would be to trigger a notification to a member of your team requesting that they contact the prospect directly to deal with their enquiry.

Alternatively, you could enter the prospect into an email upsell sequence that’s drip-fed over a set period of time and designed to deliver value and build trust, thus bring your prospect closer to making a buying decision.

This is what it looks like in your contact record, the lead magnet field is automatically populated with the web form it originated from and as a result you’re able to use dashboards to track which of your online campaigns are producing the best results for your business.


It’s also worth mentioning that Zoho has another program that works in conjunction with its CRM system called Sales IQ. It gets embedded into your website and gives you the ability to communicate with prospects live while they are visiting your site.

The instant message service allows you to answer any burning questions that might arise whilst your prospects are browsing your website, giving you an even better chance of converting them into sales opportunities. The software will also tell you who is on your website at any given time, which pages they have visited and for how long. It will even give you the ability to reach out to them live and add them to your database if the chat converts into an opportunity.

To learn more about how you can track the return on your marketing investment in two simple steps, complete our Business Diagnostic to claim your complimentary systems review & personalised demo of Zoho CRM


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