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Live Workshops & In-House Training

Learn how modern cloud business software can help you grow and master Zoho with in-house training from FWRD.

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“The CRM Masterclass presented by Frances was mind blowing. For those of you out there who do not think that CRM is important in your business, please think again.”

Sandra Lam – Permentis


“Frances is an amazing speaker who delivers the content in an understandable and relatable way.”

Michelle Thompson – Mili Markets


“I enjoy the workshops and always feel really inspired and confident that I can implement the strategies.”

Helen Owen – Spirit Coach & Healer


“The information was current, effective, important and will help each of us to use our money and time more efficiently and effecitvely.”

Brenda McAuliffe – Studio Noah


“I had the pleasure of working with Frances on recognising the need for targeted databases managing the setting up criteria & the need for clarity and parameters.”

Rebecca Gulvin – Director at Gulvin Group


“The sessions are jam-packed with information relevant to small business owners who often lack the specific skills to promote their businesses.”

Karenna Wood – Marketer


Improve all aspects of your business

Implementing the Zoho CRM system provides an all-round solution for small businesses looking to grow with minimum fuss – a solution that not only works, but works for you.

Workshop Training

Learn how to build a profitable database using modern cloud based software, and not with outdated spreadsheet!

Benefits of CRM

Understand exactly what CRM is and why it is so important to your business.

Save time & money

Learn how a CRM can help you increase profits & team efficiency.

Better your marketing

See how to organise your database & measure the results, improving the ROI.

In-House Training

With a range of in-house training solutions, we ensure you receive the best learning that suits the needs of your team.

Tailored Training

We’ll focus on specific business issues and show you how to overcome them.

In-Person or Remote

Bring the team together in the office or remote in via web conference.

Group Learning

We train your entire team, making sure everyone is on the same page.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Learn how to create and connect with your audience online through our digital marketing & social media training.

Facebook Marketing

Understand how to use Facebook for maximum business promotional effect.

Instagram Marketing

Learn how to use Instagram to promote your business & brand on mobile.

LinkedIn Masterclass

Discover how to grow your professional network and create opportunities.

Contact your FWRD Consultant to book your workshop or in-house training session now.