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Master Your Business Systems

High-quality training materials, instructional videos & step-by step user guides to help you & your team master Zoho.

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“The training vault is a great learning tool that you can work through at your own pace. It’s full of quick and easy to understand videos that will help you navigate your way through the wonders of ZOHO.”

Sue Daley – INTU Property


“If you’re looking for a professional team to set-up your CRM, then you need look no further than FWRD.”

Chris Peacock, Inspire Excellent


“I can highly recommend FWRD to set-up your customised CRM system to meet your specific business requirements.”

Brendan Chestnutt, CUSP Performance


“The cost is very competitive and has certainly been one of the best investments I have made.”

Alan Cox, Show & Tell Marketing


“I’m really inspired to keep using Zoho to grow my business.”

Dominka Debska, Dominika Debska Photography


“With the introduction of Zoho, invoicing & accounts became much easier & our marketing strategies became more effective.”

Kate Trevillian, Personal Analysis


“43% of CRM customers use less than half of the available features” –

Effective training is the key to success

Get step by step instructions on how to maximise the powerful Zoho software you have at your fingertips – all for an affordable flat-rate monthly fee.

Bronze Zoho Training Course

The Bronze level of the training vault is a comprehensive introduction to the basic functionality of Zoho CRM. It covers everything that any new user will need to know.

Grasp the basics

Get guided through the fundamentals with step by step instructional videos.

Visual Learning

With training videos and written steps, you learn the way that best suits you.

Always accessible

Access our online training from any device, any place, any time.

Sliver Zoho Training Course

The Silver level of the vault contains all the training you need to master the Inventory Modules, including Products/Services, Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Vendors & Pricebooks.

Get Up To Speed

Ensure best practices are being adopted across your team.

Reduce Admin Burdon

Learn how to process your Quotes & Invoices in record time.

Effective Follow-Up

Never let a deal slip through the net or a invoice go unpaid.

Gold Zoho Training Course

The Gold level of the training vault has been designed to teach you how to maximise, manage and update Zoho CRM as your business grows and it’s requirement change.

Master the Structure

We’ll walk through the back-end step by step to master fields, layouts & rules.

Automate Workflows

With training videos and written steps, you learn the way that best suits you.

Comprehensive Reporting

Run quick and easy reports for a 360 degree view of your business.

Choose your Online Training Vault Membership

Select your membership level and sign up to access the training immediately.

Bronze Package

For Zoho CRM

$20USD / month
  • 100+ Videos & User Guides
  • Account & Homepage Setup
  • Managing your User Settings
  • Lead Tracking & Conversion
  • Managing your Accounts
  • Looking after your Contacts
  • Tracking your Deals
  • Database Segmentation
  • Activity Management
  • Document Manager
  • Record Searching
  • Email Templates
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Silver Package

For Zoho CRM

$30USD / month
  • + Includes all features of Bronze Package, plus:
  • Track & Manage Marketing Campaigns
  • Manage your Products & Services
  • Raising Quotes & Invoices
  • Customer Service Cases & Solutions
  • Build up your Intellectual Property
  • Accounting Integration Options
  • Sending Purchase & Sales Orders
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Gold Package

For Zoho CRM

$50USD / month
  • + Includes all features of Silver Package, plus:
  • Admin Account Management
  • Creating & Updating Fields
  • Rearranging Module Layouts
  • User Set-Up – Profiles & Roles
  • Custom Module Creation
  • Website Integration & Forms
  • Create & Manage Email Templates
  • Mail Merge & Label Options
  • Importing & Exporting Data
  • + A whole lot more value
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