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How Does It All Work?


Everything you need to know about working with FWRD to implement Zoho CRM is included on this page. We walk you through the process, the pricing and the training. Watch the videos below to find out how it all works and what’s involved.

Whistlestop tour videos…


What you need to know…



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Once you are clear on the process, happy with the pricing and in agreement with the Terms & Conditions, we are ready to get started. The next step is for us to extract more detailed information about your business operations, sales, marketing and daily administration activities in order to start customising Zoho CRM to meet your specific requirements.

We do this via our CRM set-up Questionnaire. Please set aside 15-30 minutes to complete the questionnaire. The more comprehensive the information you are able to provide to us at this stage, the quicker your system will be up and running. When you are ready to start, click the button below.


The questionnaire will be asking you for a copy of your database. You can download a template spreadsheet HERE that will help you to properly organise your contacts. Cick HERE for some advice on how to reformat your database.

We have included some sample data for your reference . There is no need to complete every column, just the details you have access to. If there is any additional information you would like us to include, simply create another column. For training on how to remove duplicates from your database click HERE.

Please note we will only accept your database in this format.


If organising your database will take some time, rather than waiting to submit the questionnaire so you can upload your database, please forward on your spreadsheet separately via email to once it’s ready so as not to delay the CRM set-up. If you need some assistance with this process, we can refer you to an excellent Virtual Assistant.



It’s time to get excited, once you complete the questionnaire we’ll be just weeks away from launching your new CRM system, enabling you to start profiting from your database and building a scaleable business. As always, if you have any questions or concerns around this process, we are here to talk
– FWRD Team