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The next step is for us to get a better understanding of the pain points in your business operations so we can assess where we’re best placed to assist. We do this via our online Business Diagnostic.

Please set aside a few minutes to complete the questionnaire prior to our scheduled meeting. When you are ready to start, click the button below.


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Take some time to watch our demo videos and start to get a feel for the impact Zoho CRM could have on your business.

The version you are seeing in the video is a generic example that has been customised for businesses operating in the B2B sector. The reason for working with a business like FWRD is that we can manipulate the software to meet the specific requirements of your business.

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With the help of Zoho & FWRD you could be just a few weeks away from having a streamlined, scaleable and saleable business. Let us simplify the process so you can hit the ground running and get up to speed as fast as possible
– FWRD Team