Whistlestop Tours of Zoho CRM


The best way to get a feel for a software program is to see it in action whilst learning how it relates to the key components of your business operations.

The following Whistlestop Tour videos have been recorded to provide you with an introduction to Zoho CRM and demonstrate the potential impact it can have on your sales, marketing, administration activities.

Based on the countless CRM implementations we have completed for businesses from a wide range of sectors, these videos are focused on addressing the mostly frequent issues and challenges we are presented with.



Let Us Introduce Ourselves


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Implementing any new software into your business can feel like a daunting process. These business owners took the plunge to adopt Zoho CRM with the support of FWRD and transformed their business in the process.

In these case study videos, they share their stories of what their business looked like prior to using Zoho CRM, the challenges they were facing and the barriers that had stopped them from implementing a solution before.

They also share their experience of implementing the software and the training they went through to get up to speed. They talk about how Zoho CRM has helped them to streamline their operations and the resulting impact this has had on their business.



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Case Studies


The disappointing truth about CRM is that 49% of projects fail and less than 40% have full-scale end-user adoption. These statistics reveal the results of a business trying to go it alone as opposed to seeking the advice and guidance of a professional CRM Consultancy like FWRD.

We have been Authorized Zoho Partners since 2011 and our core service offering is based purely on Zoho products. We have always adopted the attitude that it’s best to be the master of one rather than jack of all, which is why we have strived to achieve Zoho expert status.

In the following video you will hear from several of our clients as they share why they decided to engage FWRD as their Zoho partner of choice, what their experience was of working with us, and how they found the process of implementing Zoho. I hope it proves useful in your decision making process.



If you are keen to learn more about how Zoho CRM can have a positive impact on your specific business goals, and how FWRD can help you to get there faster, keep reading…

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You could be just weeks away from transforming the way you do business forever. Let us simplify the process so you can hit the ground running towards achieving a streamlined, scaleable and saleable business
– FWRD Team