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Email Marketing Made Easy

Engage your audience, create lasting relationships and automate email followup with the Zoho Campaigns.

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Integrating email marketing, CRM & social media promotion

Zoho Campaigns enables you to do effortless email marketing with professionally designed email templates and smart automations. Connect it with the Zoho CRM to help drive your sales and marketing efforts forward. Oh, and best of all, the intergration is free!

Save time & improve reach

Be front-of-mind with your audience through email automation and social promotion with Zoho Campaigns.

Improve Relationships

Increase sales by nurturing your audience with smart email marketing.

Automate follow-up

Save time by automating otherwise manual & tedious email follow-ups.

Get more social

Publish your email campaigns in social media to engage your social audience.

Better your marketing

Improve your email marketing with smart analytics, seamless CRM integration and handy split testing.

Insightful Analytics

Track open rate, clickthroughs, time, device, location and much, much more.

Easy CRM Integration

Pull your email marketing data into your contacts view, bettering your sales.

A/B Testing

Optimise your email marketing for no extra cost with built-in split testing.


Questions? We got answers

Here’s some of our more frequently asked questions

What do I get in the free version?

You can send up to 12,000 to a maximum of 2000 contacts every month. You have access to almost all of the features in the free program with the exception of the automation features.

Does it integrate with Zoho CRM?
Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM seamlessly integrate giving you the ability to synchronise your leads and contacts on a daily basis. This integration is completely free and the option is available on the free and paid services.

Can I import my lists from Zoho CRM into Zoho Campaigns?
Yes you can or you can create segmented lists inside Zoho Campaigns using Zoho CRM fields as your filters.

Can I bring through other data from Zoho CRM in Campaigns?
Yes, you can bring through any field from the Leads and Contacts module into Zoho Campaigns and use it as a filter to segment your lists for more targeted marketing.

What happens when a contact unsubscribes?
Should a contact unsubscribe from your email marketing list in Zoho Campaigns, this will be automatically updated in the contacts CRM record, ensuring you never market to a contact that has opted out of your email marketing communication.

What automation features are available to me?
Though there are several techniques of automation, the most popular are Autoresponders and Workflow Automation. Autoresponders allow you to send a series of automated emails as follow up to subscribers based on sign-up, behavior, special events, etc. Workflow Automation adds to the utility of Autoresponders by creating simple rules to move contacts between lists and send relevant email to subscribers.

Do I have to pay to use autoresponders and workflow?

Yes the autoresponders and workflow features are only available on the paid versions of Zoho Campaigns.

Can I create my own web forms?
Yes, you have the ability to create webforms on standalone landing pages or embed them straight into your website Sign-up forms are the most popular way to build a high quality mailing list at a faster rate. The best part of the sign-up form method is that subscribers have given their consent to receive newsletters. with the functionality to set up autoresponders following certain actions.

What is A/B Testing?
This feature is used to optimise the effectiveness of your campaigns. For example, you can run an A/B test involving two emails, identical in content, though with two different subject lines. Each email will be sent to 5% of the database and the email whose subject line resulted in the highest amount of opens will automatically be sent to the remaining 90% of the database.

Can I track engagement with Google Analytics?
By integrating Google Analytics with Zoho Campaigns you can track any URLs you have embedded into your email marketing campaign to monitor a prospects’ activity once they have clicked through from your campaign and landed on your website. This integration also gives you the ability to view Google Analytics from within the Zoho Campaigns interface.

Is there a mobile app available?
Yes, the mobile app allows you to manage your mailing lists, send campaigns, view campaign results or even check the growth of your mailing lists – all from your mobile device.

How similar to Mailchimp is Zoho Campaigns?
The two software programs are extremely similar, they both offer almost identical features and pricing models. The only real difference is the user interface. Mailchimp users will have to pay an additional $14 USD to integrate the program with Zoho CRM whereas Zoho Campaigns users get this benefit for free.

Does Zoho Campaigns integrate with my social media accounts?

Zoho Campaigns integrates with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn so that you can post your campaign, start the page campaign and share your email campaign on social media.

Can I embed videos to play within the email?
Using the YouTube and Vimeo integrations you can embed videos into your campaign using the video merge tags. This will show the thumbnail of the video and will play in a pop-up or a new window/tab on the actual website and not within the email itself.

Can I send online questionnaires/surveys from Zoho Campaigns?
Zoho Campaigns integrates with Zoho Survey & Survey Monkey allowing you to seamlessly distribute your surveys to customers and track the results of your survey campaigns.

Which other software platforms does Zoho Campaigns integrate with?

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