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Meet anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Say goodbye to wasted hours driving to and from appointments and hello to higher conversion rates and increased productivity, secured with all the time you saved with Zoho Meeting.

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Share your desktop in seconds. Software downloads & installation become a thing of the past with Zoho Meeting.

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Share your desktop and provide remote support instantly across the world.

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Run meetings from your browser, or from your desktop via a plugin.

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Unlimited number of meetings & duration of meetings on the base plan.

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Automate the invitation to meet with clients, keeping your customer records 100% up to date, 100% of the time.

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Connect Zoho Meeting with Zoho Apps & Google Apps suite to get more done.

Easy administration

Business friendly account management makes user access simple and easy.

Solid security

Bank-level encryption means your meetings & conversations are secure.


Questions? We got answers

Here’s some of our more frequently asked questions

How long will it take to complete the implementation?

We work to a standard three-week turnaround. Once the FWRD team have received your CRM Set-Up Questionnaire detailing your specific requirements for a CRM solution, we will spend the first seven days building the framework of your system.

For the next seven days, we will hand the system over to you for road-testing. It will be your responsibility to dedicate some time during this week to formulate your feedback and list of required changes.

The FWRD team will take the final seven days to implement these changes, integrate your other software programs where required including your email before finally adding all of your users. Please ensure that you are able to stick to this timeframe and provide us with the time and feedback required to make the project a resounding success.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the implementation?
This will largely depend on how much time is required to consolidate and clean-up your existing database. On average, over the course of the project you will spend two hours on online meetings talking to the FWRD team about your requirements and feeding back any suggested changes.

It will take roughly 30 minutes to complete the online questionnaire to submit your specific requirements to us and then a further 90 minutes to review the software during the seven-day road-testing period.

We estimate the entire project should take no more than five hours of your time over the three-week implementation period.

Is the FWRD implementation fee a one-off cost?
The implementation or customisation fee is a one-off payment made prior to the commencement of the project. If you require additional support or training that falls outside of the project agreement, this will be billed as an hourly rate, details of which are included in our proposal.

Are you locked into a contract with Zoho?
No. The implementation fee for us to custom build your Zoho CRM system is a one-off set fee that is billed upfront. However, the terms of the project require a minimum three-month subscription commitment to our online training vault.

Can we work with FWRD and still use the free version of Zoho CRM?
In order for us to complete a customised implementation of Zoho CRM, we require our clients to be using the Standard Edition as an absolute minimum. However, we strongly recommend that all our clients upgrade to the Professional Edition which provides them with the ability to integrate their email account with Zoho CRM. We view this as a hugely valuable feature that not only reduces administration time across the organisation but also significantly improves efficiency and customer service.

What is the training commitment required to working with FWRD?

From our experience, we have recognised that clients who don’t dedicate the time to work through the training made available, will not feel confident in using the software and are therefore less likely to deem the project to be an overall success.

For this reason, the terms of our Zoho CRM implementation packages includes a minimum three-month subscription of our online training platform, in addition to the upfront package fee. This a mandatory requirement to proceeding with the project for all FWRD clients.

For Perth based businesses we also offer additional in-house training for your team at a flat hourly rate. Alternatively, we can provide remote training to businesses further afield using online meeting and screen share software.

What if we need further support from FWRD?
We are available to provide ongoing remote support by utilising online meeting and screen sharing software. Our hourly support rate is $100AUD which can billed in 15 minute increments to suit your requirements.

What happens to my data if I decide to leave Zoho?
Any data you input into Zoho CRM remains the property of your organisation and you are free to export it in its entirety at any given time. The data will be exported into CSV (Excel) spreadsheets leaving you free to import it into other systems should your require.

Which other software platforms does Zoho integrate with?
Zoho can integrate with any other cloud based software program that has open API’s (Application Program Interface). An API is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications and specifies how software components should interact.

There is already a multitude of software programs that integrate with Zoho CRM covering a huge range business operations. Many of these are Zoho applications e.g Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Projects & Zoho Survey, however there are many 3rd party programs that already integrate with Zoho thanks to the use of software connectors. For a current list of the most popular platforms, click HERE.

If you don’t see the program you are looking to integrate on this list, Contact Us so we can scope your requirements and give you an indication of feasibility and costings.

Is my data secure in Zoho CRM?
As a cloud-based organisation, the reputation of Zoho hangs on its ability to keep your data private and secure. As such the company go to extreme lengths to ensure your data is protected. Even the Zoho support team do not have access to your account with your prior approval. For further reassurance, click HERE to read Zoho’s privacy policy.

Is the training Vault subscription fee priced per organisation or per user?

The vault monthly subscription fee is charged per organisation, FWRD clients are only required to take out one license per company regardless of how many users will be accessing the training platform.

What are the monthly costs associated with using Zoho CRM?
Zoho has several different packages available to suit all budgets ranging from $15USD to $40USD per user, per month. For more information about what’s included in these packages click HERE. Receive a discount of up to 25% by switching your billing cycle to annual.

Can we have different users on different Zoho packages?
No. Unfortunately all users are required to be on the same package at any one time. You either upgrade everyone or downgrade everyone.

Which Zoho package do you recommend we need?
We recommend that our clients start with the Professional Edition and then consider upgrading to the Enterprise Edition once they have mastered the basics and are looking to take their systems and processes to the next level.

The Professional Edition provides FWRD with the customisation features required to complete the Zoho CRM implementation along with the ability to integrate their emails. The Enterprise Edition gives users advanced workflow and automation options including date based triggers. For more information relating to exactly what’s included in each package, click HERE.

Is my data backed up?
Your data is backed up by Zoho CRM every month for free as a standard. You can schedule additional weekly, bi-weekly or monthly back-ups if your data, but you will be charged an additional $10USD.

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